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We are happy affiliates of Bat Conservation International and NWCOA. Due to the fact that of the demand for bat removal in all areas of Michigan we have expanded outside our normal service path. When the bats and wild animals are removed, we perform all the needed proofing repairs to avoid the bats and other wildlife pest from returning.

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  1. Bats in the attic? Mice in the basement?
  2. Bat Problem?
  3. Bats in the attic? Bats in the Chimney?

If you reside in Michigan and have bats in the attic we most likely service you. For all other nuisance animals we serve consumers in South East, MI.

Is There a Bat Flying in Your Home or Bed room?

Keep in mind: The bat wants out simply as much as you desire it out. The bat is disoriented and lost. The bat is not attempting to attack you.

How to Eliminate Bats in The Attic and House?

Bats are excluded from your home or attic through a live exclusion process. This is done by bat proofing your home with screen, caulking, caps, etc. Also a one-way trap door is set up at the entry point so the bats can go out however not return in. We are not exterminators or a bat pest control business. We strictly and happily just use toxin totally free bat control methods. When thinking about exterminator or pest control business we prompt you to think of the humane technique for bat removal. Bats are secured both federally and in the state of Michigan. No ultrasonic, high frequency gadget, or bat repellent will get rid of your bats nor keep them out. Moth balls or “bat away” never ever works. In fact it is damaging to have in your attic or house. FTC offers a warning on making use of ultrasonic pest control gadgets. For more details check out our “How to Get Rid of Bats” Page.

Bat Removal From Attic

Do you have bats in the attic? Unsure how to get rid of them. You have come to the best location. Michigan Bat Control, Inc. concentrates on gentle bat removal.

Michigan Bat Removal

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Bats in Michigan are cavity dwellers. They can reside in tight places like your vents, soffits, shingles, walls, and siding. See how we can assist to control and get rid of bats securely.

Attic Restoration

Now you have actually gotten rid of the bats, however the mess they leave smells. Did you understand bat guano (their feces) can likewise trigger health issue such as respiratory diseases.

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If you are looking for a bat exterminator in the South East, MI area we prompt you look for a gentle bat removal and control professional. Bat Exterminator or Extermination is an old term used to eliminate bats. There are no toxins, bat traps, electronic devices, or bat deterrents that can fix your bat problem.

Hearing Animals Scratching in the Walls and Ceiling?

Bats in Michigan are cavity dwelling bats so they roost in caverns or cave like structures. Bats are nighttime mammals, so the sounds you hear at night are bats coming and going to feast on mosquitoes. Bat removal and bat exclusion work is important since bats bring numerous diseases like rabies.

If it is not bats you are hearing and understand you have a problem with other wildlife such as squirrels, mice, birds, and even raccoon remains in the attic we can assist with that to.

Michigan Mice Control

Many times we discover bats in the attic due to scratching sounds. We also do see a lot of mice activity particularly throughout the fall and winter. You may hear nuts rolling and digging. If you insulation looks like Swiss cheese, you most likely have a mouse issue. How about you just put some poison down every four months and that will solve your mice in the attic concern. Well reconsider. We provide poison-less alternatives to resolve mice issues in Michigan. Numerous homes have rodents in the attics and basement. We have actually come up with a solutions to stop the toxin. See our alternative mice control programs.